Delicious products available for pick-your-own

U-Pick fields in Laval? Yes, it is possible!

Handpicking in the fields begins end of June and ends in October. Each variety of fruits and flowers has its own picking period, so please refer to the table below for the picking dates for each of the varieties.

Upon arrival, go inside the kiosk. We can then direct you to the field. You will be assigned a rank and a basket will be given to you.  Rows, sections and plants are selected daily to facilitate harvest and inventory of our crops.

Note that you must have authorization to access the fields.

Due to the high traffic, we strongly recommend calling us before your visit to check the availability of products in the fields.

Good to Know: How It Works

If you want to pick berries:

You must pay for your basket at the kiosk before heading to the fields.

If you only wish to accompany someone who is picking:

You must pay your admission ticket before going to the fields ($3.50 + tax per person).

* Please note that access to the pick-your-own fields also entitles you to participate in other activities offered on the site.

Berries, squash, pumpkins,
sunflowers and zinnias

U-Pick activities begin at the end of June and continue through October. Here is an exhaustive list of products available in our fields for pick-your-own and their approximate pick-up date.

These dates are subject to change.  We highly suggest to call us before coming to be sure products are available in the fields. 

Call us to find out more!

Pick-your-own berries

During the months of June and July and August, come pick your own berries (…and in September and October for the fall raspberries!)
Strawberries, summer & fall raspberries and blueberries are available for pick-your-own.


Open from mid-June to the middle of July.

Over for the 2023 season.

4L = $14



Red and black summer raspberries: from beginning of July to mid-August.

Fall raspberries: from mid-August to October.

1L = $7

2L = $7



From mid-July to mid-August.

Our blueberry field allows you to pick your blueberries without even bending over!

1L = $8

2L = 15$


Pick-your-own sunflowers and zinnias

For a third year in a row : sunflowers and zinnias picking! U-Pick begins in the beginning of August and blooming season lasts until mid-September. Sunflowers and zinnias picking is possible for a short time only, so don’t wait to come pick your flowers and take some wonderful photos in the colorful fields!

We have about 20 different varieties of sunflowers. Each variety has a different blooming period, which allows us to offer a very long blooming season!

Small arrangements of sunflowers and zinnias will be available at the kiosk. Anyone entering the fields must first have paid the entry fee. Also, you have to pay for everything you bring back from the fields.

❀ Sunflower = $1  ch.
❀ Zinnia = 2 for $1
❀ Masson pot  = $10

To access the fields, please note that you will be charged the minimum rate: the price of the admission ticket or the equivalent price of fruit-picking.

Squash and pumpkins picking

Squash and pumpkins 

From mid-August until stock is depleted.

From the end of August, on weekends, it’s the beginning of pumpkin and squash pick-your-own!

Anyone entering the fields must have paid the access fee first. Admission is free for children 2 and under. This admission ticket gives you access to the pick-your-own fields, but also to the giant corn maze, the tractor ride and all the other activities offered at the farm. You have to pay for everything you bring back from the fields.

f you simply want to buy your squash and pumpkins without picking them yourself, the Squash Pavillion is open from the beginning of the harvest, in September. It is open to the public free of charges, during our regular business hours.

U-Pick admission

To access the fields, even if you do not want to do the picking, you must still pay an admission fee (3 years and over). You must pay for your ticket at the kiosk at the entrance. 


Note that animals are prohibited on the site.